The NFT Collection for Jamaica Bobsleigh’s Winter 2022 Olympics Return

Welcome to the first-ever NFT presale of Jamaica sports art.

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The official Jamaican Bobsleigh team, represented in the cult hit 1993 Disney movie, Cool Runnings, is releasing incredibly cool NFTs that encompass the inspirational story surrounding leadership, teamwork and overcoming obstacles.

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Welcome to the NFT world of the team behind the cult film, Cool Runnings

About our NFT collection drop

Mark Cuban’s NFT partner, Electric Token, is working with us in the latest NFT drop of our dynamically creative Jamaican Bobsleigh NFTs. The NFTs are being used to raise money to help our famous team in the qualification of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

When is the NFT collection drop?

The NFT drop will be launched this Wednesday (20th October 2021).

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Jamaica Bobsleigh Team members

NFTs designed by an incredible artist

The NFT Drop will feature limited edition digital artwork designed by Gabe Weis & Stonez The Organic and highlights the best of the Jamaican Bobsled brand; daring, courageousness, persistence, and claiming your place on earth regardless of where you are.

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Gabe Weis

One of the most renowned artists in the NFT space with his unique style of cubism being highly sought after by many established collectors

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Chris Stokes, original Jamaican bobsleigh team member

NFTs that power our journey to the 2022 Bejing Winter Olympics

  • Funds raised from the sale of the NFTs will be used to fund Olympic training, purchase world-class equipment, housing, and more.
  • “We are proud to help this iconic team compete in the Olympics in a groundbreaking way through technology, art, and entertainment,” says Co-Founder Electric Token, Jacob York.
  • “Currently, the single greatest challenge is to acquire elite quality racing sleds and runners. It does not matter how talented you are or how hard you work; without competitive equipment, you can’t reach your potential,” says Chris Stokes.
  • Rohan Midha, Sponsorship Agent says, “In addition, it will help move the NFT space into the mainstream for artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more to claim, own, manage and monitor their own brand value. It’s a shift in power to the creator and away from commercialization; a seismic shift in how value is owned, accumulated, and traded.”

What NFTs will be available for purchase?

Each collectible will be a Jamaican-themed bobsleigh, wrapped in works of digital 3D art; curated by Florian Tappeser.

  • Tier 1 – 198 editions of our bobsled NFT will be available at the starting price of 0.088 ETH.
  • Tier 2 – 1,788 editions of our bobsled NFT will be available at the starting price of 0.1988 ETH. With these NFTs, we will be giving away a poster that is signed by the current bobsled team members.
  • Tier 3 – With the third tier, we will be giving away a poster, signed by the current bobsled Olympic team members, and the original Cool Runnings book, signed by the author Chris Stokes.
  • Auction pieces – 2 editions of original art pieces will be on sale (made by Gabe Weis and Wes). Bidding for this will start at 1.988 ETH.

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